Our Sunscreen

Re-apply every 80 minuets or after swimming/sweating for long periods of time.

Little Hands has a shelf life of 2 years.

While our sunscreen does rub in, we always recommend leaving a visible layer on your skin. Zinc oxide is a physical sunscreen, meaning it is designed to block the sun and create a layer between you and the sun. 

No, the sunscreen won’t run or sting your eyes. We don't us any chemicals or preservatives ( this is what stings).

Our Company

Rosalyn started making sunscreen in 2011 and entered her first retail store in 2014.

Our daughter Ella helped with the very first batch of sunscreen ever made. From then on she helped to mix and apply labels. We decided to name the company Little Hands knowing every thing we are doing is for the future of all the 'little hands.'

Little Hands was founded in Kapahulu. Home is now on Big Island.