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Our Story


Aloha, My name is Rosalyn. Mahalo for taking the time to stop by and learn a little about our history.

In 2011 there were no sunscreens on the market that where safe for kids or our environment. Everything on the shelf was loaded with chemicals that were toxic to humans and marine life.

As a mother and registered nurse I knew there had to be a better way to protect our skin. So, in my kitchen I created a recipe with naturally sourced ingredients from the earth. A sunscreen that I trust on my newborn.

I remember when I first started people looked at me like I was crazy. I would hear, "what do you mean sunscreen can cause cancer, it protects you from cancer?" Then, more research began to surface about the negative effects chemical sunscreens have on us and the environment. I wasn’t so crazy after all! At that point I began to manufacture, market and share with the community the benefits of using our mineral sunscreen.

Protecting our health, natural resources and preserving our marine life is more than just a tag line; my Ohana and I breath this.

It has been a dream come true. I absolutely love knowing that you can trust what goes into our sunscreen and on your skin!


Little Hands Hawaii story began with the birth of Michael and Rosalyn's first daughter in 2011. Rosalyn was standing in a health store reading all the “natural” sunscreen labels and wondering why she couldn’t pronounce half the ingredients. This began her research on sunscreen ingredients she soon realized they weren’t so natural after all; they were actually toxic!

This started her journey towards developing a recipe.  As a family they shared their new knowledge and sunscreen with friends and family members. After time retail outlets began reaching out asking to carry their sunscreen! Throughout the years they received great feedback that allowed them to cater their ingredients and packaging to fit the communities needs and wants.

After more research surfaced about the effects of chemical sunscreens on coral reef, Michael knew he needed to be apart of the movement. He left his family owned painting business in 2016 and joined LHH. Michaels entire life growing up revolved around the ocean and surf, he has seen first hand the effects that chemicals have had on the reef.


Little Hands Sunscreen not only respects The Ocean but it perpetuates Hawai’i values for your entire Ohana. We have nothing to hide and everything to give from clean pure ingredients to how our sunscreen is made. 

We take pride in our responsible plastic free packaging. All products are printed with soy ink and the labels are made from recycled compostable material.

Our sunscreen is made by Hawaiians and the values are echoed in every batch made.  The future of Hawaii belongs to the little hands and it’s up to us a community to protect, preserve and spread awareness.